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Fun Facts and Hobbies

*I am married to my BFF…Jeff!

*I have 3 wonderful, responsible adult children, each one faithfully following Jesus Christ

*I have 7 adorable grandchildren, the apples of their Grammy’s eye

*I love love love to read…give me a good book and a tasty snack, and I’m happy

*I enjoy walking and the changing of the seasons…the seasons speak of God’s glory and creativity, and the sights and scents nourish my soul

*I hope to become a published writer one day, hopefully sooner than later

Director, Jennifer Andrews

Hello!  My name is Jennifer Andrews, and I am humbled,  blessed, and grateful to the Lord to be the original founder and director of The Potter’s House Child Development Center.  Since our first day on  August 29, 1994, I have thoroughly enjoyed every day of being part of this program.  As a team, my staff and I honor the importance of cultivating relationships, and this mentality sets the foundation for the cheerful, supportive environment that all of our Potter’s House “family” enjoy.  I think young children have an ability to sense the emotional climate of their surroundings, so establishing and investing in a harmonious, genuinely caring  atmosphere among staff, parents, and children is a real priority.

God has used my past experiences, even the difficult ones, to become an asset.  I was raised by a single mother, and I recall vividly how difficult it was at times as a child to be separated from her  during those long workdays. On the flip side, as an adult, I have always been a working mother myself, and know the angst of being separated from my little ones, wondering if their caregivers understand and appreciate them the way I hope they will.  These experiences have provided me with the unique perspective of both parents and children in relation to childcare, and that sensitivity has fueled me and my staff to approach our mission with  both a strong commitment to excellence and a nurturing  heart.

Working with young children has always been a passion for me.  As a matter of fact, I had my first paid babysitting job when I was a mere 10 years old.  Yes, I agree…yikes!  But it is true.  Today, I adore these little boys and girls, and I treasure the precious friendships we share.

It would be my great  pleasure to meet you and to introduce you to The Potter’s House Child Development Center and all we have to offer your family.  Please consider contacting us to schedule a visit today!

Serving His Children,

Jennifer Andrews