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What Parents are Saying

“How can I describe how much I appreciate what you have done for my daughter. Portrait of beautiful young girl smilingThey say it takes a village…you are my village!!! Words can’t describe how fortunate I feel to have had all of you in her life. As a parent it is hard to leave your child every day. There is that fear that the people watching her will not care or love her as you do. I have NEVER had that fear with all of you. You have kissed her when she fell, love her when she was challenging, pat her back when she couldn’t sleep and made her feel that you are “my Potter’s House family.” As a single parent, you have been my blessing and I will never forget all the kindness and love you have show us both. I appreciate how when she was having difficulty, you were on it right away. You didn’t just tell me there was a problem, you offered a solution. That was awesome. Thank you for all you do. Potter’s House will always be special to me.”

Cindy S.




“We wanted to take time to express our gratitude for the beautiful Christmas presentation. We were extremely impressed with all the HARD work you invested,…how smooth things went, how courteous all the staff were to the parents, friends and family members. Most importantly to teach children the significance of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We walked away feeling beyond blessed that our son attends The Potter’s House and is being taught and loved by such precious people that value their relationship with Jesus Christ as we do.”

Rob & Michelle D.



“Thanks to each of you for your hard work and dedication . We appreciate that someone has always been available when needed. You have helped our daughter and mom and dad to navigate preschool! We will always remember the blessing The Potter’s House has been to our family.”

Mark & Shelia H.



“I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done for the past 6 years for my three children. They were loved, cared for, taught about Jesus and educated on the school academics so well and we will be forever grateful.”

David & Heather P.



Asian kids lying on the floorThank you for your thoughts of us and your dedication to our three most prized blessings. It is not an easy job that any of you have-God has brought us to The Potter’s House and is using each of you in ways that you may not even realize. God is good!”

Joe & Marci B.