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Inclement Weather Policy

*School Delays and Cancellations

The Director of The Potter’s House will be aware of any delays or cancellations within the school system. In the event that the school plans to delay its opening time, the schoolage children will receive uninterrupted care until the school buses arrive. Staffing provisions will be made as needed, utilizing the director, the office staff, aides, or qualified substitutes. The same will apply to a school closing. As long as The Potter’s House program remains open, full day schoolage care will be provided to all enrolled school age students during closed school days. Morning and afternoon snacks, a full hot lunch, and developmentally appropriate games, activities, and seasonal projects will be available for the children throughout the day. Full day charges will be implemented for children attending.

*Inclement Weather and Possible Closings

The Potter’s House child Development Center purposes to be available to our families on all scheduled days. However, in the event of seriously dangerous weather, or a safety problem with our building, it is possible that we might delay our opening or close our program for the day. In this event, please take note of these ways you can determine if our services are available:

*if you have completed and returned the One Call Now information included in the enrollment packet, you will receive a phone call/email alerting you to the delay or closing details.

*check TV channel WKRC, Local 12, or the website of Local12.com for The Potter’s House news regarding delays or closings. Determinations of this kind will be made by 6:00 a.m. Please note that a delayed opening could result in an actual program closing later in the day, if severe weather dictates. Also, information posted via WKRC will appear under the alphabetical listing under “T” for “The Potter’s House.”

*our phone message will be changed in the event that our program will close or delay opening. Our phone number is 513-785-2855.   In addition, should the weather become very dangerous during the day, it is respectfully requested that parents make arrangements for their children to be picked up early. We suggest a target date of 4:00 p.m. or to arrange for someone else, perhaps located locally, to pick up your child. This plan allows our parents who have a significant travelling distance to make it to the center before closing time. Please keep in mind that we are referring to dangerous weather in this context, not just a light dusting of snow. It has been our experience that when parents plan ahead in this situation, it prevents both parent and child from experiencing unfortunate events and stress. It can be genuinely traumatic for a parent to realize they have left work too late, and find him/herself stuck in traffic or on icy roads, and can’t arrive at our center till 7 or 8:00. (It has happened!) The children become quite distressed as well, worrying about mom or dad on the roads. We encourage all our families to try to plan ahead to prevent these unpleasant circumstances. Regular weekly tuition is due in the event of these unusual circumstances, and The Potter’s House sincerely regrets any inconvenience this may cause.