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Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum, developed and published by Teaching Strategies, is a research based, comprehensive curriculum that meets all state developmental standards, and supports teachers to intentionally and responsively teach children in an effective manner. It addresses how children develop and learn, designing the learning environment, establishing WHAT children need to learn, encourages the concept of teaching AND caring, and supports partnership with families.

Creative Curriculum (CC) defines and incorporates 38 objectives for development and learning that are predictors of school success. The product combines the most current research and theory about children’s development and learning, suggests and provides direction for 10 interest areas in the classroom, has a focus on math and literacy, and also provides assessment tools for teachers.

Importantly, CC encourages social/emotional growth as an equally important aspect of the child’s development, with clear objectives and strategies for this crucial area as well. So children, while they learn in the cognitive domains we typically associate with the concept of “school” are learning at the same time to regulate their emotions and behaviors, establish and sustain positive relationships, and participate cooperatively and constructively within a group situation.

The 38 objectives for development and learning include skills in the areas of physical, language, cognitive, literacy, math, science and technology, social studies, the arts, English language acquisition, and social/emotional.

Creative Curriculum supports our teachers as they make decisions about educating your child, on the basis of information about:

  • child development and how children learn
  • the individual strengths, needs, and interests of each child and
  • the cultures of each child’s family and community.